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Special Guest Speaker this Thursday: Carlos Mejia Rodriguez


About the training:

Communication between service providers and connectors to services can be less effective and result in negative services outcomes when the individual and the services provider have different cultural backgrounds. While “Cultural Competency” training has helped some service providers to open awareness of cultural factors that may affect interactions, Cultural Humility training goes further to address explicit and implicit assumptions, recognizing and redressing power imbalances. Cultural humility is an ongoing process of self-evaluation of one’s own culture while striving to respectfully understand others.

Cultural humility training enable social services, health, education, and other professionals working with children and families to become aware of the influence of their own culture and assumptions that limit clear cross-cultural communication, positive interactions, and end in poor outcomes in any setting. Because cultural influences are an evolving, non-static issue, those providing services or connecting children and families to services benefit from tools for ongoing reassessment leading to continuous improvement model for individual and institutional accountability, intercultural communication over the long term and across multiple cultures. This training contribute to change the constructs of communication from a more paternalistic style to a process of building trust, contributing to partnership that are mutually beneficial and more individual centered. The cultural humility training is interactive and participants engage in definitions of culture, cultural competence, and cultural humility.

About Carlos:

Carlos Mejia Rodriguez was born in Honduras and graduated as Family Physician at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala and practiced back in Honduras for 17 years in the private and public sector. His focus as a professional have been children and families, disadvantaged groups such as indigenous, miners, farmworkers, rural, and low income neighborhoods.

Dr. Carlos moved to USA in 2002 invited as an adviser to the board of Shelbyville Free Clinic. He went back to school online for a PhD in Public Health Community health education and promotion and actually is working on cultural humility research, community health workers, in presentations, conferences, and trainings. He works for Molina Healthcare since 2014, is medical officer of the Coalition of Community Health Workers for Migrants and Refugees, and board member of The Family Education and Support Services, and Foundations for Multicultural Solutions- El Camino.  


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Washington Invests in Children


“Because it’s the paramount duty of our state we’ve made unprecedented investments in our children in the last couple of years. We’ve had the largest investment in K through 12 funding in the history of our state. I am proud to say that Washington state is the one state that enjoyed tuition reductions for all college students, and community college students as well.  We hope 49 other governors will follow that lead.”
Governor Inslee

Read Statement Here.