Thurston Early Childhood Coalition

Advancing the success of all children in Thurston County through age 8



Advance the success of all children from birth to age eight.

The purpose of the coalition is to: help children from birth to age eight develop the social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills they need to succeed in school and life with the support of their parents and caregivers.  The Coalition does this by working collectively to create and promote a comprehensive system of high-quality early care environments that are accessible, affordable, and effective.


Children: Children – age birth to 8 – are the focus of our work.  Every child will have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, and their families shall have access to high-quality child care and early education.

Parents are Children’s First Teachers: Parents and caregivers are a child’s first teacher. Access to a broad array of parent education and support information is essential to healthy development.

Collaboration:  We are stronger through collaboration. By working together and aligning our strengths, knowledge and actions we will achieve greater impact and outcomes.

Community MobilizationCoalition members work collectively to advance the use of best-practices in early learning environments by educating parents, care providers, and teachers.

 Diversity:  Inclusion of and active alignment with agencies and individuals of all nations, abilities, strengths, and orientation ensures meaningful and diverse services, programs and activities.

Building Community Awareness About the Importance of Early Learning

Research proves that the learning experiences a child has in their early years sets the stage for their success in school and in life. TECC members and our partners are working both collectively and as individual agencies to increase awareness among parents, policy makers, and teachers about the importance of early learning.

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